DIY Shadow Box Using My Cricut Maker

Hello and welcome back! I am so excited to show you guys how I created this beautiful shadow box using my Cricut Maker!

For the longest time, I have been wanting to do a shadow box project and fill it up with mini paper flowers from Cricut's Design Space and I finally got the chance to create this beautiful piece! I hope you guys give this a try and make your own shadow boxes using this tutorial. I would love to see your creations!

Materials Needed:

  • Cricut Maker with mat

  • Hot Glue Gun with hot glue sticks

  • 12x12 Shades of Purple cardstock Paper

  • 8.5x11 White cardstock Paper for Butterflies

  • 9x9 Shadow Box

  • Cricut Quilling tool

  • Cricut Vinyl & Transfer Tape

Before we get started on the project, let's go over the materials! You will need your Cricut Maker and mat to cut 11 rolled paper flowers, 6 small leaves, 9 butterflies and vinyl to cut your favorite quote or saying! In this case, I had my eldest daughter write a message for her Grandmother using the procreate app. I saved my daughter's message as a PNG so I was able to upload it to Cricut's Design Space.

Find the roller paper flowers and heart stencil in Design Space here.

Find the butterflies here (Print & Cut File).

As for the leaves you can find those in the shop section of my website, otherwise, Cricut Design Space offers a variety of leaf designs that you can use.

Let's get started! Once you have all the materials cut, you can get started on your project!

Adhere your cardstock to your Cricut Mat and insert to your Cricut Maker

I was able to fit four paper flowers in a 12x12 cardstock

Use your Cricut Quilling Tool to roll the paper flowers

Add hot glue to the rolled flower and press to the attach base

This part is OPTIONAL but I decided to spray paint the background panel of the shadow box

Place the paper flowers around the heart stencil. You can cover the entire heart with paper flowers. For this project, I am covering only half the heart with paper flowers and the rest with paper leaves

Cover the other half of the heart with paper leaves. You can find the leaves in my shop, however, there are so many leaf designs in Cricut Design Space that you can use for this project

Next, you will print the butterflies using a standard inkjet printer. After that, you will have your Cricut Maker cut the butterflies. Next, we will scatter the butterflies throughout the shadow box.

Place the butterflies throughout the shadow box

I used 9 butterflies and placed them in different areas of the shadow box

Next, you will have your Cricut Maker cut your message in Vinyl of your choosing

Now that you have removed and weeded the excess vinyl prepare to transfer your message using Cricut transfer tape

Transfer your image to the glass part of your shadow box

There you have your finished product!

I hope you guys enjoyed this project! Shadow boxes make a great gift for birthdays, graduations, or keep it for yourself. Make sure to comment and share your own shadow box creations! I cannot wait to see them!

Thank you!

Stay crafty,